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The PADI Bubblemaker Program is for children who are at least 8 years old. This program is just as fun as it sounds!
Your child can now experience scuba diving in India with Temple Adventures, under the direct supervision of a PADI Professional. Let your child take their first breaths underwater in a swimming pool swallower than 2 meters (6ft).
The PADI Bubblemaker Program is an exciting one day course where your children will learn how to blow fun bubbles by scuba diving.
Your child must be at least 8 years old and can try on scuba gear for kids to breathe underwater and to swim around in a shallow swimming pool.
Enjoy the PADI Bubblemaker Program to the fullest by celebrating a birthday or having a party with family and friends at Temple Adventures.
Let us make this a safe and memorable celebration for you!
As a Bubblemaker, your child gets to try out fun experiences such as:
A great way to introduce children to scuba diving in a pool less than six feet deep! Kids should be comfortable in the water but don’t have to be super swimmers. Celebrate a birthday by throwing a memorable Bubblemaker party with friends and family at Temple Adventures.
Fun, easy and safe!

What Exciting

Scuba diving! What could be more exciting than that? Of course the scuba diving will take place under the direct supervision and care of a PADI Professional.
Your kids will be able to take their very first breaths underwater in a shallow swimming pool not deeper than 2 meters (6ft).
They will also learn about scuba diving equipment that is made specially for children and not adults; they will also learn how to use this specific equipment designed for them.
Last but not the least, they are going to make a lifetime of memories and have lots of fun!


Your child must be at least 8 years old.
No prior scuba diving knowledge but your child must be comfortable in the water.

What's included

Scuba diving equipment for children.
PADI Bubblemaker Certificate
Temporary Tattoo

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