For Certified Divers

We have a number of options tailor made to enable you continue your education. Our expert faculty and latest top class equipment are at your disposal so that you explore the mesmerizing underwater world in a unique manner. It might also interest you to know that Lakshadweep Scuba Adventures boasts of the most experienced and highly qualified instructors in the country, having trained the highest number of professionals and scuba divers alike. And yes, we adhere to the prescribed buddy system at all times!


MIN. AGE: 10 yrs
MAX. DEPTH:As per your certification
The divers' day at Lakshadweep Scuba Adventures begins at 7:00 a.m. Early morning dives are usually refreshing and provide ample opportunities to spot sharks, dolphins, rays and the like. Certified divers proceed to destinations that have been planned ahead of time based on the interests and skills of the divers and the conditions of the sea. Thorough dive briefings about safety measures and site conditions are provided by the instructors just prior to entering the water. Upon reaching the dive center back, we log the dives, discuss the fish and corals that were spotted and share photographs from the outing. We also offer Night Dives, the diver can experience a different underwater environment at night because many marine animals are nocturnal. For students of diving, the schedule of activities can vary and it is decided by the course instructor.

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